Did you know that if you receive Medicaid you are eligible to receive a Free cell phone with Free monthly minutes? This is possible thanks to something called the federal Lifeline Assistance Program, which provides free cell phone service to low income individuals. Sign up today to claim your free cell phone.

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Qualify For Medicaid

s1You may qualify for Medicaid based on your income and family size. Programs vary from state to state but you can enroll at any time and coverage will begin immediately. You may qualify for CHIP which covers children.

Apply for the Lifeline Program

s2Visit a Lifeline provider and fill out the quick application form. You will need to verify that you receive Medicaid or confirm your income. You may also qualify through income or other welfare programs from the government.

Receive Your Free Cell Phone

s3Once you finish the application and confirm your Medicaid status, you will receive your free cell phone in the mail shortly after. Phone will be activated with free minutes, data, and texts every month.

Medicaid Cell Phone Program

Medicaid recipients and qualifying low-income individuals can receive a FREE cell phone with monthly minutes, data, and texts from the government-supported Lifeline Assistance program.

This program was created in the 1980’s to make sure that low-income families and individuals had access to a phone for basic communication.

Medicaid recipients can easily get their FREE Medicaid cell phone with monthly minutes and data through any government-approved Lifeline provider. Federal regulations allow only one cell phone per household.

You can apply for your FREE cell phone right now by submitting your email address and zip code below.

To qualify for your Medicaid cell phone with monthly minutes, you must participate in a government assistance program such as Medicaid, Food Stamps (SNAP), Social Security Income (SSI) and most other government assistance programs. Criteria for the Free cell phone varies by state.

If you participate in Medicaid then you can claim your FREE cell phone in minutes! Don’t wait, apply for your Medicaid free cell phone and get connected to emergency services, doctors, family, and friends today.

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Success Stories

  • ~ Shelly Peck (Little Rock, AR)

    "This program was such a big help. With my free phone I was able to keep in touch with my family and friends and schedule doctor appointments"

  • ~ Jim Mathers (Norman, OK)

    "I felt safer with my Lifeline phone knowing I could call someone if something happened to me. It was great for calling my grandchildren too!"

  • ~ Violet Johnson (Cleveland, OH)

    "After I got laid off, we had to cut our cell phone service to save money. Thanks to my free Lifeline phone I was able to schedule interviews and get back in the job market."

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